Did you know that mill studio does PRINT stuff
and can deliver ready-to-use products to you, wherever you are?

We always try to be conscience about our clients fields of interests so we proudly support NGOs to promote and spread knowledge about their activities

We design with following process:



If your publication requires any visual presentation of crucial data, numbers, communications then you are in good hands.

We love to design diagrams, tables and pictograms so that the recipient can get the precise and legible information.



We are the masters of putting your content together into functional and beautiful product that will serve you and your readers.



And after our conceptual and design work is done we will move to production process. Based on our experience we can advise you wide range of sophisticated refining and detail work to add the final touch to our product.

Then we supervise the print production and ship the effect of our work straight to you.



If you would like to present your content to wider audience we have a great experience in designing and coding landing pages for our clients, where you can place digital version of your publication.

Finally we can help you with the SEO process as well. With our experience you will be able to lunch the site and gather the marketing goals.

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